JetBlue VA

Do you guys think a JetBlue VA should be created?

  • Yes
  • No

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It should be created once it has more than 4 planes to fly on IF. That’s my personal opinion, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do it. It’s just I’ve rather see a VA that has more than 4 aircraft.

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I believe there are only 2 in IF.

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Well, they only fly a couple types of planes in real life so what is your point?

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So at least have those variates

There already is one, if I’m not mistaken. Let me find their topic.

They do. Pretty sure they only have a320s and e190s.
edit: Please correct me if I’m wrong!

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They recently bought A321s. A320neo and A321neo are on order.

Would this count as a JetBlue VA?

Let’s get back on topic.

That’s not a very good point to put it across… I run Singapore Airlines but we only have 2 aircraft (the A388 and the B77W) but we’re still alive and kicking lol

I’d say it doesn’t matter whether there’s 1 or 4 aircraft for that livery… So long effort is put in to the VA, people will come.


Is this something people are working on? I would love to help out. I am great at making websites that will provide realism. If no one is doing this, I will gladly take the job. JetBlue is my favorite airline (outside of IF)

I say you shouldn’t. The amount of VA’s around here has skyrocketed. If every person starts a VA, their won’t be any fun of doing it. It’s better to join than make in my opinion. Maybe check out TravelSky?

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No it shouldn’t.

I would want to be a pilot if .somebody made it

He’s already a part of Royal-POSA, which is in The Skyliner Group, which are rivals against TSK.

Who wants to make the va?

You? Since you suggested it?

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But then I can’t be a pilot for it.

That’s not true