JetBlue unveils new New York Jets livery

Just about a week ago, N746JB got a re-paint from it’s old Jets livery into the new one. Personally, I really like the new livery except for the dark green on the nose cone. JetBlue also donated $10,000 to the Harlem Jets, a youth football team.
In 2009, JetBlue was named the official airline of the New York Jets, and in 2010 they revealed an airbus A320 titled “JetGreen” in the Jets colors.

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This is what the livery looks like up close, taken asa screenshot from the video on the link below

According to this press release, The original “JetGreen” paint scheme interchanged JetBlue’s traditional blue for green and featured a green belly, wing tips and tail, with a football helmet towards the rear of the aircraft. Designed to represent the passion and dedication of true New York football fans and with the rallying call to Play Like a Jet, the new scheme features a full green aircraft and more prominent Jets branding. It also includes the airline’s co-branded trademark with New York State’s iconic tourism campaign and logo, I LOVE NEW YORK, solidifying JetBlue’s status as the official hometown airline of New York.

I also like how they said “true New York football fans”, sort of taking a jab at Giants and Bills fans. ;)

Here’s a pic of the old Jets livery on N746JB. source


I like it, the new new York livery

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Its the only thing that ever “touchdowns” for the Jets.


The reason for that is because if you look closely in the second photo you see it is supposed to be the end zone


Well played… well played…

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Oohhh I get it now. Thanks for pointing that out

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How original.
But to be fair, the plane itself had 4 touchdowns on Sunday, whereas the Jets only had 2 (but somehow still managed to win 20-6!)

yah. it was a joke. I just decided to make some humor. I dont have a problem with the Jets at all.

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I know of course, but the inner Jets fan in me had to debunk that ;)

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If only their season was as good as the livery.


PLane VS NY Jets: Plane wins, has more touchdowns.


Isn’t JetBlue based in Boston though? It would make more sense to have a Pats Livery. Oh well…

They are based in JFK.


That’s some common sense right there :)


Why did the plane go around? Because the jets cant score a touchdown…

A similar joke was made already a few times in the thread and I’ve seen it many other places. Well, either way, the livery looks much nicer than before, albeit more complex. Only if the designers met halfway on clogging the look.

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Nope, their main hub is JFK and their actual headquarters are located on Long Island.

Still awaiting the day when some airline like Southwest unveils some kind of Dallas Cowboys livery…

I think they should put “And with the First Pick in the 2018 Draft, The Jets Select…” along the side :P

My bad then. I thought they were based out of KBOS.