JetBlue Takes Delivery Of First A220

JetBlue, an airline that’s been around for only 20 years has made a big company decision by deciding to retire their ERJ-190 fleet for the new modern A220. This aircraft was originally designed by Bombardier, and then give it to Airbus because of financial issues. If you would like to know more about this, I recommend you check this video out. A few months back, JetBlue announced that their plane was in fact completed. Today we see that airplane take a flight from Mobile Alabama to New York to deliver to the airline. Comes just in time before the new year, as 2020 has now came to a close and we welcome 2021. The airline released this statement

“The A220 is a next-generation aircraft our customers and crewmembers will love, featuring impressive range and superior economics to support critical financial and operating priorities along with new network planning flexibility. And as we evolve our fleet for the future, the A220’s significant reduction in per-seat emissions supports our ongoing commitment to carbon neutrality for all our domestic flights, and moves us closer to achieving our pledge of net zero carbon emissions across all operations by 2040.” - Robin Hayes, JetBlue CEO

I am excited to see what new adventures this aircraft will take them on!


Man the JetBlue “Hops” livery sure looks amazing on the A220-300. I’m glad the are retiring the E190s and replacing the, with much better aircraft.

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Nice, I can’t wait to see a lot of spotting topics with the A220 in the IFC! Though I’m kind of sad that we won’t see the E190’s anymore. Especially since the blueprint livery was in the E190.

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That looks amazing 🤩

Was definitely the Right decision. The A220 is simply the best aircraft for this market out there

This is exciting! I can’t wait to see the JetBlue A220 even though the E190 will probably make its way out of the sky. Anyway, this is great news

Great news to start off the new year. Brilliant looking aircraft for JetBlue!

JetBlue has revealed the A220’s interior and the first confirmed route - Boston to Fort Lauderdale


Livery looks great! Why is the registration starting with a C though, isn’t that the Chinese registration?

It’s a Canadian registration and was used during flight test by Airbus Canada as the A220 program is headquartered in Montreal-Mirabel. Now after delivery to JetBlue the plane is using an American registration.


Oh brain fart, sorry Canadians totally forgot! Yeah that makes sense!

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And now I shall summon @CaptainZac to inform him of his luck

Well, Fort Lauderdale is one of their biggest hubs

When is its first revenue flight?

Just like everything their airline does




I have to fly JetBlue one day. Enough said.

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The registration is now N3007J, for those interested.

Source: jetBlue’s Instagram Story

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Wish it would have won… The best aircraft on the market and it lost. If you want to help it vote here:

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Inaugural scheduled!

im suprised you are that happy as they changed the destination