JetBlue Takes $115 Million From US Treasury Loan, Offers At Home COVID-19 Testing

JetBlue Takes $115 Million From US Treasury Loan

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JetBlue Airways, a carrier based in the United States out of New York Kennedy, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Orlando, and Los Angeles has now taken $115 million from the government forum the treasury loan. The COO of JetBlue, Joanna Geraghty said

(We [JetBlue]) are hopeful that authorities will do the right thing for the industry. However, the sensitive nature of the process means that thousands of jobs are at risk across the nation.

Complying with their safety from the ground up measures, they also announced that they will be doing Covid test from home, with simple flying quoting

The test is an at-home saliva test that is administered via an online video connection through Vault Health. The test supervisor is on the video connection who ensures the customer is providing the sample correctly. Then, the sample is overnighted to a lab that processes and analyzes the specimen. Results are provided to customers in 72 hours or less. This test meets the medical standard for many jurisdictions as a PCR test.

I’m really excited to see where these new safety measures takes them, and how they will do as a company after the pandemic.


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Oof, think we could possibly be seeing a merger with United for example, soon if they end up being bankrupt and partnership with American doesn’t work out!

No, jetBlue will never take a merger with United. They may choose to partner with them, but I doubt there will ever be a merger

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Their in heavy debt which is still accumulating and making loan just makes it worse, so overall outcome most likely gonna happen is a merger, only airline you would have assume would be United.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, jetBlue does have debt right now, But United isn’t doing much better. United only beat them by one point, which for them, is not enough to buy an airline

Yes United are going to have more debt that JetBlue cause their operations is more internationally integrated. But JetBlue is still in huge hole than United cause of their debt vs revenue. Heres some examples of why there in huge debt:

*$800 million buyback program which is income and that will run from Oct. 1, 2019 until the end of 2021. Think they made huge loss in shareholders which means less capital being put in the airline!

*Last year they made a decline in revenue and assuming impact is worse, except to face 80% decline in third quarter of this year

  • Years of past debt between 1-3 billion, For example Increased cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments from $1.3 billion at the end of 2019 to approximately $1.8 billion at end of first quarter of 2020.

Well, you just answered your own question right there.

Again, this would only make them merge with United if it was 100% necessary, but it’s not because they seem to be thriving (well, as far as pandemics go)

And who’s fault is that, that’s United fall. They should’ve known that they could’ve had a major loss at any time, and they took the risk. It’s not like they magically get all this money back from the bank once that ends.

And who’s fault is that, that’s United fall.
Wdym its United fault for JetBlue loss? Pandemic is reason why there in financial situation not another airline.

JetBlue never did stock buybacks, united did. Get your facts right please

ok wow chill the comments bro, we allowed to have theories of airlines future. And in fact my facts are correct, Ive looked at many sources including JetBlue financial analysis page.

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JetBlue did do buybacks in the past, from 2016-2017 they did have buyback program worth $500 million but that short lived cause only cause they spent it on something. Then they brought it up again in October 2019 worth of $800 million which ends in 2021 and its likely their not going to get their investors to pay it out cause of current situation with pandemic.

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Gimme a sec. I’m getting my popcorn for this 🍿


Now I have to say @CaptainZac although JetBlue is indeed in debt according to a NASDAQ Chart, @NewZealand1Super the place were I politely disagree is the fact that you said JetBlue has a possibility of becoming bankrupt. Now every airline like any company has its ups and its downs. We must know due to the pandemic all the airlines are not having a fun time right now, but the case that JetBlue might go bankrupt is very slim. Considering new aircraft purchased headed to their fleet, addition of the London Route, LAX Hub change, adding flights out of Newark, and now that more people are flying JetBlue just the mere fact that it’s safety and disinfecting procedures are amazing makes the airline stand out which indeed helps the airline a lot. I don’t have much info on Seat Profits to tell you but what I do know from family and friends who have traveled a lot recently they have flown on JetBlue and they have said flights are always almost sold out which is great, considering that it’s not the same seat by seat profit but they are gaining a revenue thanks to the reputation they have. Now if you were to say an Airline that could really go bankrupt, American Airlines due to the fact that they are in way more debt than any other airline in the states, and the meet fat they they just released thousands of employees close to 12k+ due to the economic plunge and demand in air travel. But I see both opinions but if we bring charts and numbers strategically and realistically it’s not likely to happen. :)

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I feel for all of the pilots during this pandemic. I haven’t seen a JetBlue plane in a while. I hope that the Loan helps them rebound.

Their not bankrupt yet but considering the fact they will be since there about 5 billion down on revenue which suggest that there going to be bankrupt by early 2021. Also note that American Airlines is bigger company than JetBlue, yeah they have more debt than JetBlue but determining an airlines fate Is based by revenue and amount of debt they have to pay off. JetBlue only has 2 billion in revenue left so you would have to suggest that there about to be bankrupt by 2021 or earlier. Their debt is just going to be increasing unfortunately due to parking aircraft at airport which leads to fees, layoff staff and numerous other factors. Only way that the airline would be able to stay in the industry is by reducing fleet, to gain profit. Getting passengers at the moment sure is tricky since there is a global pandemic at the moment. Very unlikely for JetBlue to survive this pandemic, very unfortunate!

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Hmmm 🤔

Hmm 🤔

They’re def going bankrupt… they’re clearly not

Every airline is going through the same issue also seeing “JetBlue” may be going bankrupt in the future isn’t a nice thing to see. We need to think positive about airlines right now

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Especially so you can fly transatlantic on JetBlue 😉 (or if easyjet goes transatlantic one day 🤷‍♂️)

Imagine! I can only pray 🤠

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