JetBlue Starts Painting A321CEO Aircraft Into A New Livery

JetBlue A321CEOs Get A Repaint

JetBlue Airways has started to paint their aircraft into the “Balloons” livery. Even though their A321 NEOs (non LR) are painted into the new livery, we are just now seeing the CEO getting a repaint.

N905JB and N907JB have been repainted recently. Maybe more have been, but not that I can confirm.

The image above shows the aircraft, N905JB with the new livery. I actually happen to think it looks amazing on the A321. It doesn’t look out of place at all.

What do you think? I don’t think we will see the “Prism” livery go entirely, but I think the Non-Mint A321s will get the balloons, while the mint will keep the Prisms.

More information about JetBlue painting their tails can be found in the link below.


I thought something was up!

I spotted an A321ceo with this livery and thought the app glitched. So I decided to compare and turns out there is a small difference between the two.

It was a little confusing seeing this, but I like what they are doing. Repainting these old, outdated liveries with something a little more refreshing.

However it is a little misleading as it looks like the A321neo not LR.


Hmm I liked the old ceo tail, I thought that the difference between the types of 321 with each having a different tail was a good idea. Its really the 320s that need tail refreshes.

I thought each tail was unique? Is that not the case?

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They have a few different designs, but they’re not all unique. There’s about 15 designs. You can see all of them at


Am I the only one who’s livery reminds me of that The Rainbow Fish book?

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Wow, its so nice New… But I think that the Old livery Looks pretty to

I prefer that livery then the new balloons livery.

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