JetBlue starts new service to Ecuador

Hello everyone today I am telling you about the new JetBlue service from JFK to Equador (the airport is GYE) this route will be operated by the brand new A321Neo in the mint configuration the flight time will be about 7hrs.


JetBlue Will Start Flights from JFK to Ecuador, With the New A321neo - The Points Guy

About JetBlue

About GYE

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JetBlue truly has become an international airline. I see them all through out South, Central, and North America + almost all of the Caribbean

And London service planned to start soon


Your right now that I think about it. @JacksonAviation

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rage WhEn WiLl ThEy CoMe To ToRoNtO


Is this Mint config all business class or is it economy also? I’m not a big JetBlue expert, sorry.


It’s there business class product, priced as a business class product, but is very close to many airline’s domestic first class…

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Here’s a great review of it…


It is a lie flat bed though the rest is economy @Chatta290

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Actually I believe the cabins that have the sueits are called Mint cabins, and have an updated economy, but the actual Mint seats are the focus.

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Ah okay that’s exactly what I’m wondering. Just wasn’t sure if by mint config it meant all business or the normal Mint and economy. Thanks for the clarification, and yes @KPIT thanks also but I do know what it is, thanks to Mr Neistat and a few others haha


I really want to try mint so bad! Looks amazing!

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Mint service is a business class that is only found in Jetblue’s A321 mainly used for flights 2hrs+.I know all about Jetblue😉

Nice route by the Blue. Looks like they are trying to enter more into the South American market as predicted.

Can’t wait to see which other airports they decide to add with the upcoming A321neo. Amazing product they’re putting on this route. JetBlue is starting to stretch her legs a bit.


Damn they are starting to nudge the range of the A320/A320neo family

Don’t go too far, otherwise you’ll crash

see what I did there :)

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