JetBlue Selects Airbus A220-300 for E190 Replacement

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Nice timely announcement for the new branding for the CSeries. The current agreement is for 60 firm orders plus 60 options. Big win for both Airbus and Bombardier here. The additional capacity will add flexibility for JetBlue in many market with comparable trip costs.

Delivery Schedule:
2020 - 5
2021 - 4
2022 - 8
2023 - 19
2024 - 22
2025 - 2
All aircraft will be assembled at Airbus’ Mobile, AL facility.


So JetBlue will be all Airbus again interesting…

Hope to see some on the ERJ route to Boston from Pittsburgh…

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And here we can see an airline getting behind the aircraft that has the support of Airbus. Although I don’t like the name, it’s really effective branding.


I’m sure the deal was in work for months before the Airbus announcement. These deals take a lot of time. Bombardier sent the then CSeries to JFK prior to the tariff announcement for B6 to give it a once-over.


Well yes, I know that, I’m just saying that it probably helped the deal along.

Honestly, I think the A220 looks good in the JetBlue livery and I wonder if this will have a different seating then the E90 aircraft or their A320 family aircraft.

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That’s AMAZING! I’ll definitely make a livery if this tonight for my thread :)

Can’t wait to spot it in Logan!


Now I’m curious if a new livery will be rolled out with them. I guess we’ll wait two years to find out.

Any day jetBlue orders new aircraft is a good day.

I’m going to miss those ERJ aircraft though.😢 ‘Tis a sad day for thy E90… R.I.P.

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