JetBlue’s Final Day Of Operations At Long Beach

JetBlue Leaves Long Beach

As we all know by now, jetBlue Airways has backed out of Long Beach airport, meaning that there are tons of slots available. However, Southwest just gained all 17 of jetBlue slots for them. And article from the points guy posted earlier today explain that. I’m really excited to see where Southwest will choose to expand to, and what they will use those 17 slots to do. Alaska and jetBlue, their two biggest competitors have both made significant expansion in the last few months, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a huge Southwest expansion very soon. Also, in the thread below, you will find some photos, videos and more about the final day of operations.


May wanna fix that 😉

Sweet, more Southwest! ❤️ 💛 💙

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Nice Airlines switching places slots as JetBlue moves to the popular airport in SoCal And here before a Southwest and JetBlue war would come idk

Plot twist: Southwest moves out and leaves Delta by themselves

🤦‍♂️ I’m such an idiot sometimes

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Soon. They just announced this a few hours ago, and could tie in some sort of Long Beach announcement with this upcoming plan:

Not saying Long Beach to Miami (ignoring Palm Springs) will be the route, but ya never know.


STARTING ROUTES TO MIAMI? FROM LONG BEACH? Why wouldn’t they go to Fort Lauderdale?

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Did I say that?

That!s what @Ishrion said about the new routes to Miami and Palm Springs @CaptainZac

Oh, I didn’t see that. Wow, I thought they were gonna make a bold move, but that was a really bold move

I said:

Fort Lauderdale would generally make more sense given they already have a larger presence there, but I was just tying in Southwest’s newest expansion to the Long Beach slot allocation, which shows how much they plan to shake up their route network. In the past weeks, Southwest has been expanding decently with Steamboat Springs and other routes such as Norfolk to San Diego, and now they’ve got bigger plans to increase Long Beach and serve Palm Springs/Miami.

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I see now! Thank you @Ishrion!

Their Miami service is not going to be as big as their Fort Lauderdale services

Screw them FLL all the way babe!


Anyone else more shocked that SWA will finally be flying to PSP 😂

perhaps… since nobody talks about PSP that much


It’s just crazy that SWA serves every SoCal airport except for SBA now. (Or do they serve SBA?) idk
Edit: No they don’t! So almost every airport. Considering if you think Santa Barbara is part of SoCal or not lol

Let’s goooo

I’m more shocked that they’re flying to Miami. They’ve abandoned my hometown. Well, not abandon. They still have like 1 million flights out of Fort Lauderdale, but the fact that expanding to Miami is scary

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Yeah. That’s American’s territory! Lol 😂