JetBlue Reveals New Mint Business Class Seat - The Mint Studio

JetBlue has revealed their new Mint Studio Business Class seat

JetBlue’s new Mint Business Class is the Thompson Aero Seating’s VantageSOLO seat.

This is JetBlue’s upgrade in anticipation for transatlantic flights to London this summer. The upcoming Airbus A321LRs will feature this new business class with 24 seats arranged in a 1-1 configuration.

Additionally, JetBlue recently confirmed the upcoming A321neos will be delivered with these new Mint seats, but they’re expected to feature 16-seats and will begin flying between New York and Los Angeles this year.

Press release:

What are your thoughts on JetBlue’s new Business Class?


Those seats look super comfy.

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I’ve seen worse business class cabins on 777s! I really want to do one of the JetBlue flights from London to Boston or JFK but I don’t think it would really work on the regular A321.


Is JetBlue still considered a budget airline?

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Was it ever?!

I’ve never really been into American Carriers but JetBlue is really good!


As far as I’m aware, yes.

I think it’d work on a regular A321, unless you mean the LR/XLR variants, those would be better for a transatlantic route.


No I don’t mean the LR and XLR. I know would be possible on the regular A321 I just wanna do the route to Boston or JFK in IF. So would that be too unrealistic or…?

Sure it will! I’ve done PHL-DUB and had lots of fuel remaining

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Oh cool! Might do it then!

WOW! never expected this from Jetblue!
Way to go!

Looking fresh

Can’t wait to see JetBlue become a major player when it comes to trans-Atlantic routes!

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Amazing! Cant wait to hopefully try this product out in the future if possible but JetBlue has beat United, American, and Delta

This looks amazing!

These two look different, if I had to take a guess it would be like the current Mint product where some are suites and others are just lie-flat. Instead, you have individual seats and then you have a larger one at the bulkhead


@darkeyes Jetblue is a budget airline but in the sense that their fares are cheap. Low-cost carriers can still be luxurious but offer lower fares. This is different from an Ultra-Low-Cost-Carrier or (ULCC) such as an airline like Frontier and Spirit (which are good :) ) which operate with high capacity, baggage usually costs money, fares are cheap, etc.

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That… looks… STUNNING! tray table is a little small though

Oh correction, if you read the article you will see that with the seats, there will also be two of these “studios” at the front of the aircraft!