JetBlue returning to Atlanta

After a 13 year absence JetBlue will be returning to Atlanta on March 30 in there A320s.


Ooh March 30th my birthday


We have the same birthday (I’m off topic)


They better uproot Delta there, I don’t like them!


Nice to know we’re now officially enemies (I kid). Good luck uprooting a company based in Atlanta for over 70 years with hundreds of daily departures! It’s totally doable for a company 30% the size of Delta (sarcasm).

In all seriousness though, those kinds of statements about any airline are bound to offend people, so I kindly recommend you refrain from expressing serious dislike for any airline on here, because people (I admit, myself included) are bound to be angry about it.


C’mon, all is fair in IFC. Don’t get too offended over someone else’s opinion.


True… wouldn’t want the IFC to become! (joke fully intended, there are way too many loyalists to a particular airline there)

Back onto topic, how would B6 try to gain customers for the flights they plan on operating? I’d assume a large chunk of people in Atlanta fly DL regularly (everyone has seen those “Atlanta’s Hometown Airline” baggage carts already), so it seems unlikely they’d gain a lot of ATL-based customers. Is there sufficient demand coming from the other end of cities to fuel these routes? JFK-ATL and LGA-ATL is a very DL-heavy market, with hubs/focus cities on either end. Considering they already left ATL, does B6 think they have enough demand to come back?


Do you know if they will offer non-stop route to Chicago without a stop at KJFK

Pretty exciting to see JetBlue finally make a comeback in the country’s busiest airport. Considering JetBlue is a highly rated LCC, they may “steal” (for lack of a better term) the other passengers whom fly on Spirit and Southwest which are other low cost carriers and currently have routes to and from Atlanta and Boston.

Hopefully JetBlue upgrades to their A321 (Mint) equipment in the near future.


I highly doubt it, considering the ORD/MDW-ATL market is heavily dominated by DL, WN, and AA already and B6 lacks a very large focus city/hub in either city to make it worthwhile to start a route like that.

Not really sure what B6’s plan is to be quite honest as DAL services all of the US and outerlying countries and islands. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Sorry to offend you! I just don’t like Delta because every single flight I’ve had with them something has gone wrong, a 2 hr delay, a missed connection, or a failed APU. With JetBlue, I haven’t had a hitch. Maybe I just need to experience Delta more?

That’s cool! It’s funny, when I first saw the titles I though they were moving their hub there:-)

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I didn’t even know they left ATL. Never flown JetBlue, but would love to give them a try one day!

Haha that would be a slap in the face to Delta if they did 😆.

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They are probably coming back to try and compete with Southwest, as Southwest has a focus city there and Southwest and JetBlue LOVE to compete

JetBlue’s just completed their inaugural flight from Boston! So glad they’ve gotten back Atlanta :)

Also some firing words from that JetBlue official.


They did that flight the other day :).

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“JetBlue” (finger down threat) glad to see them return to Atlanta.

Getting offended over someone saying they don’t like an airline…gimme a break. Relax, bro