JetBlue RetroJet "What's Old is Blue Again" | N763JB

What's Old is Blue Again!


Hello there IFC! Today I am requesting the JetBlue 1960s-style Retrojet. Below is a blog post by JetBlue that talks about the Retrojet and includes some very cool looking retro JetBlue merchandise.

The JetBlue Retrojet, which is on a JetBlue A320 registered N763JB, was delivered to JetBlue in November 2008 and was painted in the RetroJet livery in November 2016 and is based at JetBlue’s main hub of New York John F. Kennedy Airport.

The livery was designed to celebrate the 1960s, which is considered by many as the golden age of flying with its retro-style stripes and lettering.

I hope you will vote for this livery to get more retro liveries in Infinite Flight, a trend that many airlines are following in real life of painting their planes in a retro style, and to celebrate the golden age of flying, the 1960s.

More information about JetBlue.

I would have voted for this instantly! 😂


This is amazing you have my vote


Unfortunately this sort of livery request is not allowed anymore.

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