JetBlue Repaints “Vets In Blue” Livery For Veterans Day

JetBlue Repaints “Vets In Blue” Livery For Veterans Day

For Veterans Day, jetBlue has re-painted their famous “Vets In Blue” livery. The airline is known to paint special liveries on many aircraft, and this is just one of them in their “heroes trio,” honoring the NYPD and NYFD as well.

They also have sports liveries, like the Jets, Bruins, and Red Sox, and airline liveries like JetBlue for Good, FlyFi, Vacations, I ❤️ NY, and Inspiring Humanity.

This airplane was repainted to honor the veterans that have served the US. Below is a picture of the old and new plane.

Old Vets In Blue


New Vets In Blue

Source: @JetBlue on Instagram.

Personally, I love the design, and I love airlines taking the initiative to honor our veterans. It’s days like these where all companies can come together to thank everyone for their service, and this is the perfect way for JetBlue to do that! Also, not to mention, I think the livery looks amazing! Does remind me of the Los Angeles Rams, though.

Happy Veterans Day!


Honestly I prefer the old Vets in blue but I’m a Big JetBlue lover so it looks good My dad is a retired Flight attendant of them of 16 years and my grandpa Fought in Vietnam war so today is a good day

Edit: not to mention they did this in one day

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I personally like the old one better, the new one looks a little plain and simple but it still doesn’t look bad

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Oh wow, the new livery looks amazing! I’m excited to see it in person!

Edit: It’s coming to Buffalo for the first flight today but in the dark. Wish it wasn’t raining as well.


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