JetBlue Releases New Livery "Blue Finest"

Even though I knew this was confirmed through a JetBlue Pilot I know, but I wanted a picture to show how beautiful it is :).

N531JL, at about 12:30 local at JFK, pushing back to SJU!

JetBlue currently now honors both the FDNY and NYPD with these liveries, and I really do like that about the airline.

The plane, N531JL, was previously;

All Blue Can Jet and now, its Blue Finest

Amongst all the airline drama, it’s nice to see some light as JetBlue came out with this livery truly honoring New York’s Finest. She is already flying as well! As of now, she has already completed her first flight from her home base, JFK, to SJU.

I have yet to find an article about this, but, if you can find one, I’ll make sure to add it :). I hope you all love this livery like I do, and I’d like to hear why :)!


I still think that they should make a NYPD one…

Exactly like how the FDNY one is but instead of it being Red… Its Blue! Instead of the FDNY logo… Its the NYPD’s Logo!

Great Idea Right??!?! xD


I liked the old livery, this new one reminds me of Southwest.

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I love these special liveries JetBlue has


Remember it’s just a special livery


Im not sure what more you can do to make it different…

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It looks like a southwest livery.

The Fuselage reminds me of Southwest. But I think JetBlue always make a unique special livery imho ❤

This is my favourite one besides Mint livery

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Yeah that is what I meant but the same blue color threw me off at first.

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I don’t see the southwest in this livery, maybe it’s because of the physical features of the 737 and the A320 that throw me off!

I like it just not the back that much.

The green is the colors of the NYPD flag, but the tail seems kinda odd, I’ve got to admit

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I liked it before the make over.

Its just the same deep blue and the white jetBlue sign.

The deep blue really makes it look good. 😱

Tail has 24 stars on it like on NYPD flag. Pretty much whole rear is NYPD flag.

More details on the flag here:

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That’s truly blue. Kind of reminds me of Southwest from a glance.

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I think the new livery looks much better. It looks similar to SouthWest, but I like the new JetBlue livery.

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