JetBlue plans to start London flights in 2021

JetBlue has announced plans to start flights from New York and Boston beginning in 2021.



No Way!
I love JetBlue and now they’re flying to Europe? Awesome


This is Great! I hope they can thrive with British Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Virgin Atlantic and Norwegian competing in the same sector, but I have no doubt they won’t succeed.


Nice to see. Norwegian will have some competition.

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The IFC spoke, 85% go for it, and they did!


I hope they order an a318 and use it as a super sonic mini concorde like BA does

Or do they already have an a318

This is so cool! Wait till @FBWFTW sees this

A318 isn’t in production anymore and they don’t have any A318s.

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I thought BA used them for the transatlantic route I guess it is an a319

BA does have them, jetBlue does not.

Wait no BA does use their a318 for a transatlantic route if you want to see go to Jen brooks on YouTube and he has a video not to long ago about it he took the flight from London city to another airport over to KJFK In an a318

KJFK-EGLL is the most profitable route for BA, they’re going to have some tough competition!

British Airways A318 Club World from London to New York - YouTube Credit goes to Jeb Brooks for his flight reviews

BA1 London City-Shannon-JFK
BA2 JFK-London city


They still use the a318 for the flights though it’s in my link

Who would’ve thought an airline like JetBlue Airways would be going transatlantic to Europe? Not me

If they do get these European flights going, then congrats to them! :D


Very good for JetBlue!

It’s very cool to see them entering a new market that hasn’t been entered by other American budget carriers. I hope this service thrives, especially with their new Mint First Class, it’ll be an awesome experience for JetBlue flyers. It’ll also be cool for JetBlue to use their new Long Range variant of the A321. :)


Personally I don’t see it being successful. As it says they want to focus on premium travel however even in the US they aren’t the cheapest. When it comes to the London to New York routes it’s already highly competitive so I don’t see how they will beat AA, BA, Virgin etc on price.


Way too competive market this is a strange move. 😬