JetBlue or Delta


This coming October, I’m going on a trip very special to me, for numerous reasons. I was wondering which one of these airlines/planes are better:
Delta operates this route with 737-900’s, and JetBlue does with A320’s and A321’s.
For those of you who have been on any of those planes with those respective airlines, which one would you recommend is better than the other? I know both planes/airlines well, but I’d also value some feedback from the community. I’ll take all factors into consideration. (Comfort, IFE, service, etc.)
Thanks a lot!

JetBlue or Delta?

jetBlue is the best when it comes to domestic travel. Especially, on their A321, I’ve had no problems with them. Despite being called a “Low Cost Carrier”, they offer service better than Delta! I’d say jetBlue forever 😂


@RTG113 gonna go with @Transport_Hub as well.
B6 offers nearly the same services as DL for less. jetblue has comfy seats, PTVs, and good food for sale.
EDIT: I’m gonna add a flight review for each airline.

JetBlue a320:

JetBlue a321:

all videos by iTripReport (AKA @Emiliano_Padilla)


Whatever is cheapest. Both are great airlines, so I feel like whichever has the cheapest fare for that route, then fly that airline


I have never been on delta, but I have been on JetBlue a few times, the free (I think) snacks and free WiFi are amazing especially when you take into consideration the cost of flying with them, I have also always had nice crew on my four flights with them…


Delta’s 737-900ers are probably some of the nicest cabins within the delta fleet. Comparable to modern wide body seats.


jetBlue is in my opinion better than Delta (though personally I’ve never been on Delta) jetBlue has great IFE, quality snacks that are free. Seats are great, though the seats could be a bit wider. And if your looking for premium cabins, I believe JB with their mint beats Delta’s First class.


Been on both airlines… jetBlue hands down.


I’d go Delta Airlines but JetBlue is cheaper 🤔


If that flight is operated by JetBlue’s a321 go for it if it’s operated by the a320s go for delta. JetBlue’s old a320 are pretty much nothing compared to deltas 737 seats.


The only area Jetblue really beats out Delta in is the First class with Jetblue’s Mint. However, basic economy has Delta far superior in the B739. You have outlets, full scale and free IFE. You may miss out on the snacks like chips and all but I have always been a proponent of eating an actual meal at the airport before your flight if you are that hungry for food. Drink service is the same for both.


I would normally just go Delta so I can get my SkyMiles lol. Both are great airlines though!


Oh the A321’s are the best I’d chose JetBlue any day


Which route are you flying? I would choose jetBlue either way.


I’m probably a bit biased, but I think you’ll find you get a lot more value with JetBlue. Biggest difference for me would be the free Fly-Fi. You could give me all the on demand TV shows and movies in the world, but I’d still pick free WiFi.


Go with Jetblue. Great service, probably better than Delta, for about $150 less. Seeing that you are from New York, B6 is probably the better option price wise.


jetBlue… always!!! They are updating their seats and they offer better service than Delta.

I may be biased, but hey, they are better - I’ve only flown once with JBU on a 1hr flight and I’m hooked for life.


I haven’t flown JetBlue so maybe I’m mistaken, but Delta is incredible and from where I I live they are always cheaper than JetBlue. I’d recommend going with Delta :)


If its a shorter flight, I’d go with the cheaper option. I’ve only flown with Delta, but they’re a good airline in my experience. Not sure about JetBlue, but they seem good too. For a longer flight, I’m not sure.


JetBlue all the way, hands down. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with JetBlue.