JetBlue New Livery Tracking Thread

Today Jetblue announced it will be putting a special mint livery on all of its planes that have the mint product. The aircraft that we should see be painted into these new mint liveries are A321CEOs and A321NEOs. Now keep in mind not all A321CEOs and A321NEOs will be painted to the mint livery as not all of them have the mint product. There will be a fair amount of them that will be painted as a lot of jetblue planes have the mint product. Very excited to see how many they end up repainting in the end! This is an all new look for Jetblue and it makes them definitely stand out to all the other planes there! Soon more and more mint planes will be getting a new livery.

Here is a quick look at the first freshly painted mint plane (N982JB)



Time to make a feature request lol
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I wonder how many JB planes will get the new livery once they finished repainting all of them

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I’m excited to see these at LAX


I just realized that they took away the “” on the side of the engines. Its a very small detail but i got used to seeing it on all their planes

Also the “jetblue” on the tail of the aircraft lol. I keep looking at the picture and see more missing details that were there in the previous livery. Sorry for the spam

I live at jfk, JetBlue’s busiest airport! I’m so excited to see this!


I was about to post this, I’m OBSESSED

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Source: N982JB | Airbus A321-231 | jetBlue Airways | Mark Szemberski | JetPhotos

First photo of the new livery on Jetphotos.


Does anyone know what might be the next jetblue aircraft to be painted?

Saw that the livery is coming to Las Vegas tomorrow at 9 30am I know we have some great spotters here from Las Vegas, anyone gonna try and catch it?

Looks like we might be getting more livery designs. The all blue is just mint planes

Oh thats good to know! I like that they are going with varying liveries

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JetBlue has released a video on their YouTube account of them painting the A321 in the new livery!


Not sure if I am right here, someone correct me if I am wrong. But for the mint planes I think it will be that same exact livery or the same exact livery with different tail designs. Again im not sure if im completely right so someone correct me if I am wrong.

I believe the mint planes will have the same livery and same tail designs.

All the other planes in the fleet will also be repainted but unsure if it’ll be the full blue or just new tail designs.


Alright, thanks!

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Being my home airport is jfk, I am proud to say I’ve spotted this plane 3 times already! Firsthand I can tell you, it’s a bootiful aeroCraft

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Wish I had known. I’m looking for a spotting trip and would have loved to spot it.


It’s growing on me