JetBlue New Livery A320

We need a new JetBlue A320. The A320s haven’t looked like what we have now for years, and it would be beneficial to have a new livery because it would bring some more current realism to the game. JetBlue’s most common plane is the A320 and it is important to have it in infinite flight as well.

Q: What Is JetBlue?
A: JetBlue is a US low cost carrier. Their mission is to bring “Humanity Back To Air Travel”. They do this by offering the most legroom in economy of any competing airline, free WiFi, free IFE, and free branded snacks.

Howdy! Very nice request! I’m afraid this has already been requested here though:

Feel free to vote for this livery or contribute to the discussion on that thread. Have a good one!

Thanks! I’m in the process of deleting this one!