JetBlue Long Beach “Tribute”

JetBlue had a big presence at the small Long Beach Airport which they used to serve the massive Los Angeles metropolitan area. However in 2020, JetBlue ceased operations at Long Beach in favor of much bigger LAX the final JetBlue scheduled departure from LGB was to Salt Lake City, Utah and since both cities aren’t far apart and today felt like a great day for flying I decided to give this route a go, lets pushback, taxi and take to the skies!

Origin: Long Beach/ Daugherty Field ( KLGB )
Destination: Salt Lake City Intl ( KSLC )
Flight Time: 1:27
Airbus A320-200 ( JetBlue Shantay )
Server: Expert

Long Beach is one of those airports which is almost fully open and feel likes an airport in the Caribbean but in reality you are in one of the biggest metro areas in the world and also they board with stairs which is great for this SoCal weather 😎 anyways here is me doing to walk around of our A320 that we will take to Utah!

Here is an amazing wing view which will let us enjoy the sunrise and also will give us a good view of LA

Departures from smaller airports which still see planes like the 737 and A320 families are always enjoyable, especially with the sunrise, I can’t really decide which either the sunrise or sunset view is better tbh both are lovely ❤️

Down there it might be a little hard to make out but, below us in Anaheim which means the happiest place on earth the one and only, 🎡 DISNEYLAND 🐭

And here is that view of downtown LA that I mentioned we would get with this seat we were kinda far but still looked nice for the most part

Climbed up to FL370 and mostly cruised over desert/sandy landscapes but we did fly over The Fabulous 🎰 LAS VEGAS 🎉

Salt Lake came soon into view 👀 and we were now on approach!

On final RWY 16L at Salt Lake City Intl ( KSLC )

TOUCHDOWN!! Welcome to Salt Lake City the capital and biggest city of the US state of Utah! Which is definitely one of the best, at least in terms of natural beauty and scenery 😎❤️🏔️

Here is the beautiful metal tube with wings that took us all the way from California to the Rocky Mountains region of the US, I’m planning to visit penguins soon so idk ❄️🇦🇶👀, see you in the skies I guess.


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Amazing shots. As a fellow SoCal pilot and resident it was very sad to see JetBlue leave LGB

Love the love LGB airport gets, I live there practically, such a nice airport

wow sound like a good flight!!

Yeah it’s like the only outdoor airport I can think about in the mainland US ( no Alaska or Hawaii )

yea it took the feel of an island airport and remade it greatly