JetBlue Launching New "Queens Express" Route

JetBlue’s New Queens Express Route

JetBlue, after a series of route cuts that various community members have documented quite well on the community, has added a new shuttle service to their extensive East Coast route network. Starting at a future date, JetBlue will operate shuttle services from New York (JFK) to New York (LGA), named the Queens Express. In a press statement, a JetBlue spokesperson cited the street traffic on the Van Wyck Expressway, as well as the high delay rates on the NYC subway as reasons for the necessity of this route.

Schedules and aircraft for the flight have not been stated at this time. Tickets are also not on sale at this point in time.

For more information, JetBlue has a dedicated page on its website for this revolutionary service. I encourage you to read the page if you’re doubting me whatsoever.

So, what are your thoughts on this new shuttle service? How do you think it’ll do?


is this an April fools joke?

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I don’t think so, it looks quite real.



Bro, you really tricked me into thinking that JetBlue is operating a Queens Express shuttle between JFK and LGA airports

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Didnt believe this for a second 😉 Nice try though JetBlue, love airlines that make something out of today

Funny thing is we don’t even have HOV lanes on the route from JFK-LGA🤣


I’m sure if they actually operated this route with cheap fares and where you didn’t have to get there 2 hours early, there would be people that would fly it


Can’t believe you wrote such a long article for this…


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