JetBlue Launching 3 New Routes To Montrose

JetBlue Launches New Flight To Montrose, Colorado

JetBlue, an airline based in the USA if offering East Coast And West Coast services to Montrose, a popular ski destination in Colorado. They are offering the service from December-March from Boston to Montrose, New York (JFK) to Montrose, and Los Angeles to Montrose. JetBlue quotes

“As we take a refreshed approach to evaluating new markets, it’s clear to us that travelers are increasingly looking for unique destinations where they can truly escape and enjoy wide open spaces,”

All in all, this is an exciting new route, and I’d love to know what you think!


angry Southwest noises


Woahhhh! Isn’t Montrose kind of near Aspen?

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I have no clue tbh

Very happy JetBlue noises

This outstanding news!

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Nope, it’s closer to Telluride. That’s why some airlines market it as Montrose/Telluride. Aspen is around a 3 hour drive from Montrose, while it’s only an hour and a half drive to Telluride.

I definitely think this is in response to WN starting service here. It will be interesting to see what goes down.


the competition arises

doss Montrose have a ski resort (Lol)
and Very nice

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I think Southwest and JetBlue both somehow added Montrose at around the same time. Media sites in the area knew about JetBlue launching Montrose on the same day Southwest added MTJ to its route map last week:

JetBlue never formally announced it until today though.

Telluride rules! But still montrose is the perfect airport to grow, it’s equidistant from almost very colorado resort! Great choice JetBlue

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This is fascinating! As most other airlines cut routes, half their staff, and retire whole types in their fleet, JetBlue and also United are growing their networks! I see strong airline recovery in our future!

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