JetBlue Is Turning Supermarket Clerks and Baggage Handlers Into Pilots

Cool story I found on news 360

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Wow, that’s awesome!


I’d try it if only for the experience.

I agree with the pilots union. Why are they going through this whole process when they already have a huge pool of qualified candidates applying to start today?


Yep. I couldn’t agree more.

For the Lolz I guess and proably just to say they did it

To keep the unions on their toes.

Very interesting…

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This is rather interesting in the sense that the candidates have to foot the bill for their own training. That compared to the ab initio type where you enter into a contract to work for that carrier if I’m not mistaken. I’m curious as to what the final tab will be for this training program. I wouldn’t dream of ever borrowing that much money.

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How much you reckon?

And usually you do have to put yourself through plenty of school and borrow stupid money just to go work at a commuter city hopper.

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Very interesting…well let’s hope the best for them. I’d be very grateful if that happens to me.

Oh jeez I haven’t created a topic in so long I forgot how many messages you get at first 😂


I hate to guess, more than I’d be willing I’m sure. I’m cash flowing my flight training now. It’s slow, but I refuse to get trapped in student loan debt. The regionals are picking up applicants without degrees, allegedly. Apparently they’re looking more at flight hours but the majors still want a bachelors degree.

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