JetBlue Is Not Announcing A Next Destination - Only Refreshed Mint Suites

So at first, JetBlue teased a “next destination” announcement, making everyone think a new destination would be announced.

Their second teaser included coordinates for six airports:


And today, JetBlue has revealed their “next destination”… refreshed a Mint Business Class product.

JetBlue marketing team… 0/10.

Previous Information

Previous Information below: JetBlue did not announce a "next destination"

JetBlue is announcing a new destination on November 17

Tomorrow on November 17, 2020, JetBlue will be announcing a new destination. In JetBlue’s post, no evident hints were given other than the date, “11.17.20” and some sounds (Morse Code?)

Personally, I feel like this will be a relatively major announcement. In recent months, JetBlue announced around 60+ new routes with no announcements hinting at anything before the routes were actually announced.


  • With leisure travel remaining prominent, could we see JetBlue launch a new beach or ski destination? Could we see JetBlue launch service to destinations such as Miami, Key West, Daytona Beach, or Jackson Hole?

  • Could JetBlue be planning a new international destination such as Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel, or Los Cabos in Mexico?

  • Is JetBlue ready to enter Hawaii? I don’t believe JetBlue’s current aircraft have ETOPS but their first A321LR which arrives next year should be able to operate the flight.

  • Regarding the A321LR, could JetBlue be planning to announce second European destination after London or possibly one farther in South America?

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What do you think JetBlue’s new destination is?


Im hoping for jackson hole

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If not Jackson Hole, then maybe MSO, FCA, or maybe ASE or EGE

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does jetblue even have an aircraft to fit ASE? E190 doesnt count

Other than the E-190, I don’t think their A320s can make it into ASE.

A 737 BBJ flew into Aspen once but it was likely able to because it had a lower weight.

jetBlue returns to Long Beach…?

Definitely not happening, lol.


They literally just announced leaving lol

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watch it be like phnl lmao


I dont see the point of returning to LGB anytime soon Southwest might have their slots already

Does JetBlue from from SFO to MCO? I know they fly to FLL

Yes they do SFO-MCO

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What I got in a morse code translator is “IEIEH”.

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This announcement could be reaffirming plans for London.

I messaged someone knowledgeable of the U.K. market and it looks like JetBlue secured slots for London Gatwick and Stansted.

Still unconfirmed.

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They could operate their E190s between LAX/ASE, it’s only 2 hours and I’ve seen e175s operate 4 hour flights.

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I sure miss JetBlue at LGB already. That was my hometown airport and my hometown airline. I hope they have wild success in their new endeavors.

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JetBlue appears to have secured slots for Boston to London Stansted and New York JFK to London Gatwick starting next year.

Unconfirmed if this is related to tomorrow’s announcement.

The sounds in morse code make ‘IEIEH’

I think it’s this. They delayed the launch of Europe by a year I believe (if I’m wrong then it’s not Hawaiian destinations) so they will have an ETOPS plane before an ETOPS route and with leisure travel being the focus it makes sense as a market to break into.

EDIT: now that I’m thinking about this it’s most definitely Europe but if it’s Hawaii I’m deleting this part and saying I knew it all along lol.

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JetBlue just posted a new hint with six coordinates.

The six coordinates:

First one is LAX Airport
Second is JFK Airport
Third is FLL Airport
Fourth is BOS Airport
Fifth is SFO Airport
Sixth is SEA Airport

SFO and SEA are really notable unless these really don’t mean anything.


Crap so no London or Hawaii