JetBlue is giving away $31 flights anywhere in the U.S. on Halloween

Wow. An quick trip tomorrow? Lol


If only I lived in the US…


Seems really nice… any mention on if this includes seat selection/baggage?


31 dollars you bring nothing


Is it only one way, or round trip?

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It’s one way. But it would be like $15/16 if it were roundtrip which would be an unbelievable price


If I was back home In California I would literally to a LGB-OAK-LGB flight just for the price.

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American Airlines’ giving tickets for $30.30 on select routes lmao.

I do not find this on AA’s website nor twitter page. I don’t find it anywhere actually.

The question is, American or Jetblue?

I think the choice is obvious cough “Oasis” cough

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Oh yeah, thats better.

Considering AA’s rather cheap, I don’t think they’d promote it too much.

But it’s loaded in their booking website for select routes.

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Jet Blue is a solid airline to fly on, and would recommend it to anyone. For a low coast airline, their economy Is superb and service always on point. For $31, it’s a steal.

Sorry but If it’s not Boeing I’m not going

I, like yourself am a HUGE boeing fan too. However, Airbus aircraft are just as reliable and safe as Boeing, and I love flying on both.

I have an exception to Americans A319 ok but that’s it

Wouldn’t it be nice to book a SJC-JFK-SJC flight for a very low price

I can’t believe JetBlue had this unexpected sale…


But do you like JetBlue as an airline at least?

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Look at this. If you check the price for JetBlue SJC to JFK. It’s $81, with one stop and crazy layover times. Obviously the nonstop flights got sold out. But, this route is crazy: lol

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