JetBlue Hints At Future Paris Service

JetBlue Hints At Future Paris Service

As we all are anxiously waiting for jetBlue to officially announce their London services, some people in the company have been in talks about possible Paris services. In an article by Travel Weekly, when they asked the CEO, Robin Hayes where JetBlue plans to fly in the future he said: “Paris, and some regional markets in England in summer.”

So we can probably assume that he’s talking about something like Birmingham. He could also be talking about something in Scotland like Edinburgh. Robin also added

“Business class fares across the Atlantic are outrageous. Airlines are gouging their customers. We’re close to announcing our fare structure [on US-UK flights] and the [London] airport.”

JetBlue has yet to announce which London airport it will fly to and from, but Hayes said: “We are close to announcing the airport.”

I think we can assume that at this point, it’s only a matter of time.


First London and now Paris?? Go JetBlue!!!


They just got their first A321lLR delivered a few days ago too!

Damn, I feel like Jetblue is the top player. Always doing new things and doing things differently than the competition.

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Of course. It will definitely sell better than UA’s transatlantic 757 flights, due to the low price and relatively high quality offered.

Dreamy sentence 🤤.

Can’t wait to spot a jetBlue A321XLR at Heathrow and maybe Paris as I go there a few times a year!


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I’m quite surprised JetBlue is talking about expanding the TransAtlantic flights so quickly. Seems like a good idea though.

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