jetBlue Highrise Embraer E190

Hello fellow aviators,

I’m requesting the addition of the jetBlue Highrise E190 livery if/when the E-Jets get reworked.

Why Highrise?

This is the latest tail design to be featured on the E190 fleet. It’s currently the only tail design on the E90 that features jetBlues modified livery design. Which doesn’t have the light blue trimming wrapped around the plane. (E.g: Prism, Ballons etc)

Want more info on Highrise? Click below!

Highrise tail

Miscellaneous thoughts/notes:

-It’s important for jetBlue to have a better representation on the sim moving forward. They have a very diverse amount tail designs/special liveries that would be neat to see.
-Currently, there’s 4 E90s with the Highrise livery (N179JB, N329JB, N351JB, and N355JB)

I would love to hear your thoughts below. I think this would be a great addition to the IF jetBlue fleet lineup.

Huge bump! This livery is fading out along with many other JetBlue liveries and I’d love to fly this before it’s gone!

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