JetBlue Has 2 New Liveries!

JetBlue Has A New Tail Livery?

As most of you know, jetBlue has always had different tail designs on different planes. They have roughly 10 designs, but a split amongst all of their roughly 250 planes in their fleet. Speculation says that this is on their new Airbus A321NEO aircraft, Although we have no design name.

Along with this, we have no confirmation from the airline that they have a new tail. What we do know is that this will be a thing coming in the future. This was a photo taken in Germany, most likely meeting that it will be delivered to the airline within the next few months.

Here are all of the jetBlue tail liveries:

Tailfins and Plane Names

Check out all of the JetBlue plane names in tails right here.

Here Is The New Tail!


Second Picture

Confirmation By ITripReport About JetBlue Mint

A321LR Tail (For Flights To London) (Steamers Livery)


A321LR Wing



That’s cool! Reminds me of the 70s in a way.
I wonder if the interiors will have orange 😂


s q i g e l y l i n e s


I betcha its gonna be called waves

Looks pretty cool!


There’s some orange… I guess


That would be a fun name!

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That’s a gorgeous touch of color. Not full blown embroidered seats laden with pink and red, because that’s just gross.


Yeah true 😂

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The 70s called, they’d like to have a word with you
No it’s hideous though I agree 😂


Do you read my mind @CaptainZac?

I was just about to make a topic about this!

The new tail is GORGEOUS! 😍😍😍😍😍

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Yep. I am now considering myself a mind reader. I was thinking exactly about what your mind was thinking, and I decided… “you know what, I think he’s gonna make a topic, so I’m gonna do it first.”

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I’m so mad at Long Beach City Council.
They’re the reason JB is leaving. Now I have to drive forever in traffic to fly them 😒
So I probably won’t be flying them

Oh man, that looks fresh.

They are the best airline, ngl

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It do be lookin fresh doe

Yeah I’ve only flown them once. And they have better economy leg room than domestic premium. They don’t even need extra space to complete with premium economy leg room 😂

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They actually have the same amount of regular economy legroom as American Main Cabin Extra (extra legroom) 😂

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Yep exactly 😂

Wide pic:


What’s up with the german flag?

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