JetBlue Founder David Neeleman Raising Funds for New Low Cost Airline

The planned low cost carrier will be called “Moxy Airways”, having secured orders for 60 Bombardier CS-300 aircraft. The first will arrive in 2020. Moxy will be focused on point-to-point service in the U.S., mainly serving secondary airports.

But, the airline isn’t seeking to mimic ultra-low-cost carriers like Allegiant, Frontier, or Spirit. Instead, Moxy would be more in line with Neeleman’s past ventures at Azul and JetBlue, where spacious seats and free Wi-Fi combine with some fees for extra services, such as snacks or seat assignments. (very nice to hear)

I wish David Neeleman the best in this. I can definitely envision this working out well, he has a good track record with founding JetBlue, and helping to found Azul and WestJet. Best of luck to him and everyone else in this!


Nice idea mr neelman! Can you please open up jetblue like LCC in asia? LCC in asia mostly sucks (ehhmmmm lion air…)

This airline is probably gonna fail. Just like when all other major carriers did it. To be profitable it would have to be more point to point

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I don’t know why he just doesn’t replace the Embraer E190 aircraft with the CS series, and use those to fly into second hand airports flying under the name JetBlue, instead of Moxy. Just have to see how this plays out I guess.

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This will be interesting for sure, but I’m almost certain that the market isn’t ready for this

That’s exactly what they’re going to do.

Southwest started off at small point to point service, and look where they are now!


I see, and I agree with you in a way that both JetBlue and Southwest in the good low-cost-carrier market, adding a third would be over-saturating it. However, since Moxy will be focused on mainly serving secondary, non big city airports, we’ll just have to see how it works out.

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But I’m just curious as to why JetBlue just wouldn’t buy those CS300’s and use them under the JetBlue name instead of making a whole new airline. Almost seems like a waste of money in my opinion. I mean, it’s not like they only operate a huge fleet. I’m pretty sure A320’s are able to fly into most class Charlie’s. I think maybe they’ll reconsider this idea and just buy them and use them under the “JetBlue” Brand.

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I think jetblue will retire the E190s and Let “moxy” focus on secondary cities. Jetblue will focus on the primary routes

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We will just have to see. If this does happen, then good luck to Mr. Neeleman

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Everyone remember that Mr. Neeleman is not part of JetBlue anymore and he’s starting the airline, not JetBlue.


@AllegiantAir, @JeromeJ, @david_hartono_S, I don’t think you realize that David Neeleman is no longer part of JetBlue. He stepped down a couple years ago, I think. “Moxy Airways” will likely operate independent of JetBlue, but what am I to say?

EDIT: I’m aware that @Horizon said the same thing.


Well i have no idea about that… i’m not american :)

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So he will create an airline that is not connected to JetBlue, just launching another airline?

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I hope they do and come to Denver! If they don’t come to Denver I don’t care 😂

This will be really good especially for Bombardier, hopefully more airlines start to see more opportunities available to them with the Cseries.

And he’s secured 60 orders for the CSeries!!! This is big for Bombardier!
I am expecting this to be separate from JetBlue. Neeleman has helped created numerous other low-cost carriers such as WestJet and Azul.
Here’s the originating source:

Remember guys, not the CSeries but the A200 series…

I wish David Neeleman would go back and straighten out the mess at jetBlue lol

Can you elaborate on the mess that JetBlue is going through?