JetBlue Fly Over NYC

JetBlue is planning a flying over, New York at 7 pm EST May 7th.

Flight Plan

Livery’s flying by:Blue Bravest // I <3 Blue York // Blue Finest //

Credit: JetBlue

Stay Safe :)


Wow!! Now this is why JetBlue is my favorite airline!

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Does New York not have an Air National Guard squadron?

buys ticket to NYC

Give me a few hours.

Cries in Fort Lauderdale Why can’t they do this here!

Now flying


I just watched the flyover from my house 😂

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You got any pics to show us?

I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures, and even if i did it would just be a blurry, cropped image of an A320 flying into the sun


If you guys want to see some pictures. Check out @jfk.spotting on Instagram. He has some pictures on his story

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I have some pictures


Wow those look nice. Love those livery’s! :)

shameless plug for G-JPEG

@Transport_Hub get anything?

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Yes new york does have air national guard they have the 106th rescue wing 105th airlift squad 107th attack wing and is part of the eastern air Defense sector

Negative unfortunately. Was in the middle of an Engineering final which fried my brain. However from what I hear, the aircraft weren’t that low.

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