JetBlue Fly-Fi Airbus A320

This new JetBlue livery is used to promote JetBlue’s in-flight wifi service. It’s actually a clean livery for the A320. If they had painted this on the A321, it would’ve been perfect. ;(

(It also says “Fly-Fi” right under the last three windows, so I would fly this livery daily. :D)


I was about to request this! You beat me to it ;)


I approve :)!!


Of course you would, Benny. ;)


I approve even without a mustache. If it had one I’ll be so happy.

What’s the plane’s nickname?

It’s basically called “Connected to BLUE”, but the long name for it is “Connected to 01000010 01001100 01010101 01000101”, which means Connected to BLUE.

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I think this plane looks amazing in this particular livery and the ask for the background lesson on your profile name haha

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Nice livery!

Would spam the heart button so badly

Your lucky infinite flight is restricting me by saying you reached maximum number of likes try again in 57 minutes


Once more, just…yes

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I agree with this livery!

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Oh I didn’t know FlyFi was actually a livery and in-flight wifi service. I always wondered where you username idea came from lol. I like this idea though. I like JetBlue so this would be great if it were added.


Yes, I absolutely want this!

Because I have been on this plane ; )

Wow Dushy, must have been nice flying on such a smexy plane

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Just saw this beauty land at my local airport yesterday. Would love to see it in IF.

I approve of any JetBlue livery ;)

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Awesome livery!

Gorgeous livery.

bumping this thread, today I was looking at the amount of liveries in the a320 families of jetblue we have, and its actually only 3, 2 in the a320 and 1 in the a321, there should be more liveries