JetBlue Flights to Heathrow and Gatwick Confirmed - Set To Start Aug. 11 and Sep. 29 Respectively

In all fairness, I think JBU and Easyjet have vastly different onboard experiences. But that’s just my opinion


I see plenty of logic in that. JetBlue is my favorite airline and I would go out of my way to fly them trans-atlantic.

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I would just like to remind everyone to remain civil and respectful when conversing on the forum. You may not agree with someone and that’s ok; however, their opinions are just as valid as yours.

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Personally I don’t like this idea, seeing JetBlue at LHR, thats not a sight that will be welcoming, at least in my view. However I can’t argue there is a market for this especially with regards to US customers. People will keep flying BA and Virgin regardless its a far more luxurious service which some just prefer but that doesn’t mean JetBlue will do badly. I wish them luck and can see a lot of good coming out of it as an investment. As long as it doesn’t begin to dominate the European market I will be a happy chap.

No need to get so worked up guys, its a plane flying a route, hardly ground-breaking.

I’d also like to remind everyone to get their story straight. Don’t hate on another airline if you don’t want others hating on your own. Seems like some of you have some research to do. Flip it around and the quotes above completely contradict each other.

I hardly see it dominating the European market, when it’s basically doing transatlantic services. It’s not like it’s doing short-hauls between the UK and Germany or Greece or Italy etc. It’s a point-to-point specific service, albeit an important one.

It’s a little like what WOW or Norwegian tried to do, but failed, only this time JetBlue has the financial backing, the stability and the standards of service to pull it off well. Taking low-cost prices across the pond.

(Admittedly that’s not a great comparison, since both the Economy and Mint product on JetBlue seems like quite a high-quality value for money, unlike WOW which was a bare-bones airline, but yeah, you get the point).

US customers know and love JetBlue for its service (gate-to-gate WiFi, Mint etc), and from that point of view, this is quite a great route to fly on a well-beloved airline. Especially with the features it’s touting on the A321LR like the minibar/food bar on board, the Airspace interior, spacious Economy legroom, etc.

Also whoever is comparing EasyJet to JetBlue - absolutely not the same thing whatsoever.


Dude, these arguments make no sense…

If you wanna put your point up, go back to English class, and learn how to write in an argumentative or persuasive manner, not a completely no context one…

Give up your claim, then your evidence, explain the evidence, and then your reasoning.

Also, why are we killing each other just to convince people, it’s like we’re literally holding up your opinion to someone’s eyes banging it to their head…

It’s literally an airline doing a route, there’s nothing we can change, and you may think you know what’s best for the airline, but they have hundreds of analysts, organizers, and workers who put in time and effort into making this happen.

I’m not sure about you, but an AIRLINE, a BUSINESS, would probably think more than once, heck, even more than a hundred times about a deal before making it.

We’ll have to wait and see how this unfolds, also, when debating opinions, make sure to stay on-topic.

I do think this will work because of their extensive domestic network backing up this service. JetBlue loyalists also would have a new option to fly their own airline rather than transferring to a big-three or an international carrier to fly Transatlantic.

If WestJet could do Toronto and even CALGARY to London, I just don’t see why JetBlue can’t do New York to London, considering how similar those two airlines’ business models are.

Ehh…Heathrow is a bit overrated anyways…I’m excited to see what they can do with Stansted and Gatwick

People may choose JetBlue because of its low fare and high quality relative to the price.

How often do you see an A321 going transatlantic? It’s gonna be an upward trend for sure but it is not a plane that traditionally flies the route.

I can’t say that you’re 100% wrong but you are surely not absolutely correct. A BA 777 or 787 which are the planes doing that kind of flight have a seat width of 17.5’’ and pitch of 31’’ in economy. JetBlue has about 18’’ width and 32’’ pitch on its A321. Though the A321 is smaller, I wouldn’t say that BA is (necessarily) more comfortable.

Also, the Mint suites are truly ground breaking. It is one of the first airlines to put a long haul business class suite with doors on such a plane.


Guess who just booked a JetBlue flight to London in mint! I am excited to go and try out JetBlue across the ocean!


Looking forward to a trip report!


Holy moly this thread couldn’t be more british if it tried. Thinking that JetBlue would come in and ‘downclass’ Heathrow is so laughably off base.


Well it’s here! And it looks super good!


Here we go! JetBlue service to Gatwick takes off in just under 1 week!!!

Also #FirstPostBack

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they have very good quality flights, you cant say that without being on a flight with them