JetBlue Flights to Heathrow and Gatwick Confirmed - Set To Start Aug. 11 and Sep. 29 Respectively

JetBlue To Fly To Gatwick And Stansted

Along with the announcement of the JetBlue Mint, news coming from One Mile At A Time says that they have gained 48 slots in the London area, but not at their desired airport. JetBlue has not been very public about their London services, so we have no idea what to expect. According to One Mile At A Time, it states:

  • JetBlue was granted 14 weekly slot pairs at Gatwick Airport, enough for 2x daily flights (the airline requested 28 weekly slot pairs, so was granted 50% of them); these are intended for flights to & from New York JFK, and the airline initially intends to operate just 1x daily flight in the market
  • JetBlue was granted 28 weekly slot pairs at Stansted Airport, enough for 4x daily flights (the airline requested 28 weekly slot pairs, so was granted 100% of them); these are intended for flights to & from Boston, and the airline initially intends to operate 2x daily flights in the market
  • JetBlue requested 48 weekly slot pairs at Heathrow, but was denied for all of them

I’m excited to see what the airline will do!


Disappointed sounds

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F in the chat bois

ehhh heathrow is overrated anyway (no offense to others)


I’m surprised they took the Stansted spots, I feel like that couldn’t be very profitable but I guess they have options now.

Damn. That’s not good.

At least they’re going to LGW. @Ecoops123 will be happy along with @Tsumia This is the last time I’m going to tag you today lol

Don’t we already have a thread or three running on similar?

We do. But the other thread is JetBlue annoucing new things for the MINT seats

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JetBlue at Gatwick?.. ew that’ll be like IF in real life. I think of JetBlue as a domestic low cost American Airline, not an international-transatlantic hauler…

I do wonder what routes they’ll expand to though… Surely not just Boston and JFK, that’s for enough flights.


Jetblue is not a low cost airline in my opinion, I see these services as a few flights a day but nothing more.


They would never survive at Heathrow

Rather go Gatwick. Stansted is like 2hrs away from central London so that may not work out

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F in the chat for JB at LHR but LGW and STN are cool.

I would choose Gatwick tho over Stansted any day.

wow just pain

Honestly I beg to differ. Jet Blue is known for challenging legacy carriers, and still being successful. It likely would’ve brought down the price of tickets across all airlines

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Try watching this video, it’s very educational it will help you learn

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JetBlue has actually just been saved. They probably would’ve died at LHR with all the delays and stuff exc.

Gatwick is cooler imo


Heathrow HATES low-cost carriers and wants nothing to do with them. Even though Jetblue isn’t a low cost carrier, they were at one point, so that is still a red flag for Heathrow. And besides, LGW and STN have significantly cheaper landing costs than Heathrow, and is generally much less crowded.

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haha get rekt Heathrow

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Little update:
JetBlue is now working with the UK government to get the slots at Gatwick airport as well as Stanstead. the issue is virgin Atlantic and Norwegian have a bunch of slots for the airports that are going un used, and a lot of flights have been retired from these airports.

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This wasn’t mint to be…

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