Jetblue Flight KJFK-KIAD

Hey guys! I recently landed a Jetblue E190. Here are some photos:

Boring stuff :/

Flight time: 53 minutes
Server: Training
Aircraft - E190 (Jetblue)

Boarding passengers enroute to the capital.

Taxing passengers to runway :)))

Holding short on runway waiting for approval to takeoff.

Going up like a rocketship

Ah, cruise, finally time for a bathroom break

I didn’t even have time for pretzels and we’re already going down

7/10 landing!

Taxing to gate…

Thank you for flying with JetBlue!!

Thanks for reading!

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Nice photos!

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Wonderful photos! Love the JetBlue liveries!

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Great pics I ❤️ NY

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Um… where are your flaps?

uh… let’s not talk about that

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ohh i dont see the runway lmao

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It’s the angle, cockpit can see runway

Oh i want to see the 7/10 landing

Eh, maybe in the future, too lazy to upload…