jetBlue Embraer 190 (Blueprint Livery)

Great livery! I don’t know why I like the color so much…

I mean jet blue has like a bunch of liverys (this verry possibly the best) but only 2 are un IF, I think jet blue should be like frontere woth multaple liverys per plane


I’m going to bump this again. This is probably the best livery out there…

Maybe time to make a new one as this is over 7 months due?

Yeah, I would say it is JetBlue since their name is on the tail of the plane.

Just becuais it is old doesn’t mean it needs replaced…

Ok sure thing, lets keep this one I guess.

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Please vote for this it’s the best thing ever

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I agree 100% I wish one of the mods or devs see your message

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I’m just going to throw this out there again. Amazing plane, my favorite livery, ever, period…

You guys are making me run out of votes! I love this plane!!

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It is a real beauty hu?

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I love this livery!

I saw it for the first time when it was on approach into Richmond a few days ago. :)

This livery is fantastic… surprised it hasn’t been added yet!

The livery is called Blueprint! It says it on there website.

I’d love to see this in IF with and E-Jets rework.

(Credit: Me)


Hmm, competing flight sim? Agreed, great livery. The E-jets are amazing and deserve a rework.

It’s not my fault. I was just chilling on my computer and thought, “huh, this would be a cool livery to see in IF.”

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Yeah I was only joking around


I removed a vote for this! I used to see this plane all the time when I flew out of white plains airport. We need more JetBlue liveries. They should add this with Embraer E-jet reworn.