JetBlue Eliminates Change Fees

JetBlue Eliminates Change Fees

Source: JetBlue

After a long time of waiting between this announcement and the announcements from United, American, Delta, Alaska, and Hawaiian, jetBlue Airways has announced that they will be suspending change fees for all tickets except for basic economy fares. This was an announcement that was expected, but they take a little bit longer so I am curious what was going through jetBlue’s mind there.

Also buried in the announcement was the fact that they will be not allowing a carry-on bag for basic economy fares anymore. They must pay for it. This is how united, Delta, and American run their basic economy fares. The most important part is that they will be eliminating change fees which is beneficial to me as I have many flights booked with them and it provides me plenty of flexibility.


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I am very happy about the baggage part. When I flew JetBlue the other day, I had to gate check my carry on and then spent half an hour waiting for my bag after we landed. Now that JetBlue is guaranteeing carry on space, it seems like I won’t be having this problem anymore!

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And there I was, hoping to exchange my bass guitar for a plane ticket, sigh.

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Whoops 😬😅

I’d rather keep the change fees, I am a carry on creature. My suitcase and backpack both come with me, I can’t remember the last time I checked bags.

My family loves to be able to be flexible so i think it’s great to have these change fees. We never use basic blue anyway, so the bag stuff won’t affect me

Definitely a good change for jetBlue to stay competitive with the other carriers.

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Saddened by the removal of the free carry-on bag: it made them stand out over the other airlines. Looks like Southwest will be the only one still allowing one with a basic fare.

JetBlue will still offer it for free with other fares

Ah, do you know if you still have to pay for it if you have a basic fare but upgrade to EMS?

I don’t think you can upgrade when you have basic economy, even for a price

But if you can, it would still cost for the bag

I remember upgrading last month, I flew out right before New Years. It costs more for passengers in basic, 70 dollars as opposed to 30 in main cabin.

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