JetBlue E190 livery issues

Hey guys, so I was preparing for a flight on the E190 and I spotted a bug on the livery. The blue belly is badly misplaced under the wings and once you see it, you can’t unsee it. This is the first time I have spotted this and if possible, please fix it soon so we can enjoy this awesome aircraft without a bugged livery. Thanks!

Device: IPad Pro 4th gen


Not to mention the gap in the engine, in photo 1.
I’m not sure if this this a bug or not.

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Don’t see it…


If you look at where the wing connects the fuselage (ever you spell it), you’ll see an out of place outline. The white outline was supposed to be hidden inside the wing. That’s if you look at the second image.


Able to reproduce (was about to report).

Galaxy S10, Android 12, 24.1

I’ll make sure it gets noted.
Hopefully it will get fixed at some point.


Noted internally.
Thanks for reporting this!