JetBlue E190 Barcode Livery


Today I’m requesting for the JetBlue E190 Barcode Livery. It’s just such a beautiful livery that has a good place in IF.

Why we need this?
So I was at JFK yesterday and I saw this plane while landing and I knew it needed to be added to IF. Also the E190 is lacking livery so that why it should be added to the fleet.

Photo Credits:
JetBlue - Wikipedia
Embraer E-jets Rework - #3 by W4RRI0R

Hopefully it will get added to IF.

It sure is a pretty livery! I’m sure there’s a high chance to have this one added when the E-Jets get their well deserved rework.

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This livery is so cool. Go vote now!

Nuuuuuuudge! This should be added!

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Bump! This would be very cool to see imo

3 year bump😂 out of votes:(

We need this in the e jet rework.