JetBlue E190 Barcode Livery


Today I’m requesting for the JetBlue E190 Barcode Livery. It’s just such a beautiful livery that has a good place in IF.

Why we need this?
So I was at JFK yesterday and I saw this plane while landing and I knew it needed to be added to IF. Also the E190 is lacking livery so that why it should be added to the fleet.

Photo Credits:
JetBlue - Wikipedia
Embraer E-jets Rework - #3 by W4RRI0R

Hopefully it will get added to IF.

It sure is a pretty livery! I’m sure there’s a high chance to have this one added when the E-Jets get their well deserved rework.

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This livery is so cool. Go vote now!

Nuuuuuuudge! This should be added!

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Bump! This would be very cool to see imo

3 year bump😂 out of votes:(

We need this in the e jet rework.

i see Blueprints


Looks like I’m recreating my flight from LGA to SRQ I did this summer on this livery

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yes, yes this is a complete sentence.

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Still love JetBlue

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Not only 1 but TWO JetBlue E190 Livery are coming to IF


But the big question lies. Which one is the regular JB as the tail and registration is not visible?

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I have some news so I said on discord “Hopefully the bar code livery comes” and dan responded to me with 👀

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Well… that’s one of my predictions and preference for livery’s I personally like the Hops E190 and the Barcode I mean I’ve flown on almost JB aircraft in fleet because my dad works for them but this is so exciting

They said its going to be a livery not ever seen in IF so its not going to be HOPS

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WOOOOOO it cam with the E190!

For jefblue planes on if there should be all of the liveries

But the Hops is specific to the A220

They should add every single jetBlue livery ever.

Nah I’m just kidding. But there should definitely be more for the A320. I wish I had enough votes left for this one. Let’s see if I can free something up.