JetBlue Cuts 17 Routes - Newark, San Juan, Cancun, and JFK Getting Hit Hardest

JetBlue Cuts 17 Routes - Newark, San Juan, Cancun, and JFK Getting Hit Hardest


JetBlue has cut 17 routes in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, specifically due to the Omicron variant. All airlines have begun to reduce capacity after the New Year.

As we have throughout the pandemic, we are continually evaluating our route map to ensure it is aligned with customer demand trends and to help us get back to profitability on a consistent basis. As part of our ongoing review of our network, this spring we’ll end service on 17 routes that have underperformed, and transition a handful of markets to seasonal.

Most of these routes were additions we made in response to pandemic travel trends to help us bring immediate cash in the door. As our customers return to more expected booking patterns, these changes will free up aircraft time that we can redeploy into other areas of our network that hold the most strength and relevance to our network strategy in the long term.

Even with these reductions – most of which operated less than daily – we still expect our 2022 schedule to be our biggest-ever and we’ll continue to grow our fleet with new aircraft throughout the year. At the same time, we remain committed to adjusting our plans based on the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.”

The routes cut are listed below.

Origin Destination
Bozeman (BZN) Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Bozeman (BZN) Los Angeles (LAX)
Cancun (CUN) Las Vegas (LAS)
Cancun (CUN) Sacramento (SMF)
Cancun (CUN) San Francisco (SFO)
Fort Myers (RSW) Providence (PVD)
New York-JFK Bermuda (BDA)
New York-JFK Bogota (BOG)
Newark (EWR) Antigua (ANU)
Newark (EWR) Bridgetown (BGI)
Newark (EWR) Cartagena (CTG)
Newark (EWR) Port-au-Prince (PAP)
Newark (EWR) St. Thomas (STT)
San Juan (SJU) Philadelphia (PHL)
San Juan (SJU) Raleigh–Durham (RDU)
Tampa (TPA) Providence (PVD)
Tampa (TPA) Richmond (RIC)

JetBlue (as well as other airlines) have mainly cut winter break and getaway destinations. Of the destinations cut, San Juan and Cancun were hit hardest.

Over 67% of all the cuts (11) were from the Caribbean, exemplifying that reduced bookings are for getaway destinations.


I can’t speak for the other origin airports, but in regards to Newark, this is kind of a positive.

A lot of the recent delays at Terminal A and Terminal B have been due to a lack of gate space (mainly caused by Concourse A1’s demolition). Now, with a decrease in flights, perhaps some congestion will ease.

That said, it sucks to see jetBlue scaling back. Omicron, the latest COVID-19 variant, has killed airlines left and right, so this was bound to happen. It’s only a matter of time before we see other airlines do the same.

Thanks to sharing, Zac!


noooooo 😭

Why, Just why.


Oh no! Anyway…

I mean, whatever keeps the airlines afloat, works for me.

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That’s alright. We have too many LAX flights and the Fort Lauderdale flight, I don’t really care about.

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You really going to do FLL like that.

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I’m sorry about that. It just didn’t make sense to me for some reason.

As a South Floridian, I can say that people love to go to ski destinations from here. It makes total sense why they added it. Odd they removed it so quick tho. I think that one was meant to be a temporary flight just for winter break. Maybe we will see it return in 2022?

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So apparently… this post was featured in a news article. First time I can say that. Pretty cool I guess.

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Just a rumor, so I cannot confirm anything, but it appears that jetBlue has pushed a job offering in Charlottesville, Virginia. I know this is a bit of a small city, but it was posted 12 days ago meaning that possibly they could be launching a new service there.

They also operated this flight just a few days before that job offering came live. Again, just a rumor but it’s very possible.

To Add Onto This

This plane also continued onto Fargo. There is another job listing that just popped up there as well.

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Hey the last route you posted looks like a charter flight Jetblue regularly operates charters throughout the Untied States for NCAA Basketball teams and such.

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Correct. It can be, but as far as I know, the University of Virgina commonly uses Sun Country. Maybe there has been a change, though. They may be hiring at that airport to assist with they new partnership 🤷‍♂️

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I really wouldn’t look into those job postings on Google. There’s typically errors, but if they aren’t errors, it’s likely sourcing people from those cities and bringing them to JetBlue airports.

For example, JetBlue definitely isn’t going to start regular flights to Killeen, Texas:

The CHO-FAR flight was for this:

Airlines actually will employ a charter team depending on the frequency and agreement they make with the client. NBA and MLB have agreements that make it possible for job openings like that.

I was reading through this PDF of every scheduled commercial airline arrival in Bozeman this month and I found out that JetBlue is returning flights to FLL!

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Oh no my cousin won’t be able to make it from Richmond in time

There are 2 other airlines that also fly from Richmond to Tampa.

Southwest operates 1 weekly flight on Saturdays from TPA-RIC

Breeze Airways operates 5 times weekly - on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.