jetBlue Capitalization Incorrect

The capitalization on the aircraft selection screen for the jetBlue liveries is incorrect. It should be: “jetBlue”, as on the aircraft.

How to reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Open Aircraft menu
  3. Select A320 OR ERJ-190
  4. Find jetBlue livery.
    Device Info
    iPhone 5
    iOS 9.2
    A321 Version of IF
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They spell it “JetBlue” when typing it (check the official JetBlue website) and “jetBlue” on their planes (check Google images for example). I don’t see anything wrong.

I think today is a record setting day with bug reports


But it really makes no sense. The same thing happened with TUIFly on IF.

Yeah it does get confusing. Their logo is “jetBlue” ; however, when they are typing it in text format they put it as
“JetBlue” most of the time. I understand where your coming from though. I had to do research before replying.

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As Tecnam stated, they only put “jetBlue” on their planes. The company itself is “JetBlue”, so it is correct. :)

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You would think it would be the same… Yelling into sky "Why jetBlue why???

Funny how I’ve never noticed this before until you pointed it out

I always knew about this, just couldn’t be bothered to file a bug report until now :)

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