JetBlue "Bluemanity" Livery / Airbus A320

This is a beautiful look on JetBlue. Would be absolutely perfect for the Airbus A320! :D


But this is an A320…

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It is a A320 I have changed the title and I suggest you edit your post :)


All of JetBlue’s liveries are gorgeous


Confused as to why this request has only one vote. This Livery is dedicated to JetBlue’s 17,000+ crewmembers, displaying the values they share as they go above and beyond to inspire humanity. If only society were to live by these values, we wouldn’t have to live the much terror and sadness we do today. I would love to see this inspiring Livery be added soon.

I actually agree with you. I don’t know how to say this, but the only thing is that jetBlue is a simple airline to many people so that’s probably a reason why this has a low vote count.

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