JetBlue ‘Bluemanity’ Livery A320

Credit on the Photo

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For starters IF lacks and JB livery’s, and even an accurate JB A320.

JetBlue is a U.S Budget Airline with hubs in KBOS (Boston), KJFK (New York), and KFLL (Fort Lauderdale). The first JB flight was on a route from KJFK to KFLL. They created this livery to promote all sorts of thing, but overall, just being a better human race. If you would like more JB info, check this out:

Thanks for reading and I hope to get your vote!

In my opinion this would be a great add to IF because for a first JB livery, it would be spreading a great message

Nice but where’s the photo credits


He said it’s on the photo


Sorry I was just so faint

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I would like to see it added.

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The story behind Bluemanity is really touching. A TPA Mechanic had recollected some money in order to be able to afford medical treatment for his granddaughter. TPA AO/GO/TO/FO/FA’s raised money and a little bit more to help him and his granddaughter. When Corporate found out about the actions of the TPA Station and commuters, they decided to celebrate the Spirit of JetBlue and there is a cool sticker near door 1L that is dedicated to the MX’s granddaughter.

Edited: I rewatched the story. I got confused.


You can see the video here: Inspiring Humanity & Flying Bluemanity - YouTube


Sorry, I’ll ask next time

Thank you to everyone who has voted!

Anybody else want a JetBlue livery in the sim?!

@JacksonAviation as it regards jetBlue liveries, we have been focusing our efforts on promoting and voting on one livery thread and doing that in order to get an updated/current version of the jetBlue A320 livery into IF BEFORE we begin voting for any of the special liveries as it were. Our VA members have chosen the Barcode N804JB thread as the thread to vote on and as I’m sure you know, votes are always at a premium.
So while many would like to see more jetBlue liveries, the VA itself has focused on getting the updated A320 (hopefully with sharklets) as the one to throw votes behind for now. It’s linked below.

Don’t get us wrong-we would LOVE to see more jetBlue liveries-including some of the special tails, but for now, we’re shooting for a modern A320 as our goal.

Thanks again for this thread-I’m quite sure that in the future (when the A320 is updated) our pilots will toss some votes to this and a few other special livery thread. I know this will probably be one of the top ones so keep bumping it here and there!


Thanks, maybe they could add a modern JB and a few livery’s as well

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That’s what we’re hoping for-by focusing on one at a time we hope to bring more votes/interest to bear on a certain livery and thread

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Let’s show JB some love!

Giving this a huge bump.
I saw it when I went spotting yesterday, and it’s one of my favorite JetBlue special liveries.

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Thanks for bumping it!

This is cool

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Thank you!

Bumping this because it is a neat livery that deserves some enjoyment. Although it isn’t the most popular, it has an interesting and modern-like design and would be a fun livery to have in IF. I would vote for it, but I’m all out of votes.