JetBlue Blueberries Airbus A320-200 | N708JB

JetBlue’s A320 Blueberries Livery


About JetBlue

JetBlue is a low cost Airline that is headquartered New York City. With its major hub in John F. Kennedy International Airport and focus Airports in Boston Logan International Airport, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Long Beach Airport, and Orlando International Airport. It has over 100 destinations, and continues to grow bigger.

Why this certain Livery

I personally like this Livery. I think it’s the best out of all JetBlue’s current Livery.We could also use an updated JetBlue Livery like how Frontier has its multiple Animal Liveries. I also recently join a VirtualBlue, and they also want a new JetBlue Livery.


Give your thoughts down. I’m up for a respectful conversation on why we shouldn’t have this. Maybe list another JetBlue Livery that’s more suited than this current one. Also leave a Vote and have a good day! :)

All the Current Blueberries Livery requests have been closed. Not sure why Misha closed the most recent one though.

Hello! I agree this would be nice to add some variety to IF’s jetBlue fleet. I spotted some of these at BOS today. Unfortunately I am out of votes :(


I’m pretty sure that livery is on the E190. I also like it! Although, I don’t mind the look of “Blueprint”. I’ll see if I can gather a vote for you. 😉

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Flew on this last year! @Tnel we’ve been pushing for a “re skin” of 558JB to the modern livery. Here’s 708JB landing one year ago today on 33L at KBOS!


@Tnel this is the one w the most votes so far… Tryin to combine and promote one if we can get it!

JetBlue A320 - Barcode Livery (With Sharklets) - N804JB - #9 by Aleks_Hancock

With 19.1 coming up, who knows what liveries could come!?!

Without further ado, let’s bump this!

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I’m begging for Jetblue Liveries it’s really unfair that Frontier have many liveries and Jetblue just have one old livery painting JetBlue has amazing Liveries Now! as Blueberry / Barcode / Mint / Specials as Players team and Campaigns. It’s such a Saddest thing that We Haven’t A320 Jetblue Options :/


@Captain_Ynoa keep voting. One of the livery designers works for Frontier as I understand-so he/she can get easy access to the graphics etc. But keep on voting. Life’s not fair sometimes-but all we can do is keep pushing these threads-particularly one at a time.

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So going to vote for this flying on JetBlue in August

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This is a good livery.

Let’s revive

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revives the request

Reviving… WE NEED! I wish IF had as many jetblue liveries as frontier lol

Bump! Looking for JetBlue liveries before the spotlights take over the fleet!