JetBlue Begins 13 Special "Tag" Routes

Similar to Alaska Airlines’ move of launching “tag routes”, JetBlue has revealed its plan to launch 13 tag routes in order to continue serving its destinations.

For its May and June schedule, JetBlue will be launching these tag routes:

  • Boston – Chicago – Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Boston – Denver – Albuquerque
  • Boston – New Orleans – Houston
  • Boston – Las Vegas – San Diego
  • Boston – Seattle – Portland, OR
  • Long Beach – Palm Springs – New York/JFK
  • Long Beach – Salt Lake City – Bozeman
  • New York/JFK – Denver – Albuquerque
  • New York/JFK – New Orleans – Houston
  • New York/JFK – Las Vegas – San Diego
  • New York/JFK – Seattle – Portland, OR
  • New York/JFK – San Francisco – Sacramento
  • New York/JFK – Orlando – Sarasota

The first leg of the tag route is an already existing flight. However, the second legs are new JetBlue routes.

These routes currently are not bookable but will be loaded into Jetblue’s system soon.

You can book the second leg of the tag route separately which means if JetBlue continues using its Mint Business Class aircraft on routes such as New York to San Francisco, you could experience the Mint Class on a 30-minute San Francisco to Sacramento flight.

The same goes for routes such as the Seattle to Portland and Las Vegas to San Diego.

Why is JetBlue flying these “tag” routes?

Once again, as air travel demand is nearly zero, JetBlue wanted to decrease capacity to match demand. JetBlue applied to suspend operations to dozens of domestic cities, but in order to receive its CARES Act funding, the government ruled that JetBlue must continue serving these cities (except for
Aguadilla because the airport is closed)

So, JetBlue is now creating these special tag flights to continue serving its destinations while minimizing losses.


JetBlue A320:

To sum it up, we’re continuing to revert into the late 1900s of commercial aviation. Airlines were flying a bunch of tag routes as flying individual routes would’ve costed them more.

As other airlines in the United States recently applied to suspend operations to certain cities, the government will likely force them to continue to fly to all destinations, which will likely create more tag routes.


Some of these are really interesting, good luck jetblue!


I would have booked San Francisco to Sacramento within a couple minutes on a normal day :/


Very interesting post! Do you now wether this is flown as a V (e.g. BOS-ORD-MSP-BOS), or just all the way down and back?

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I would have probably booked this :)

Very interesting, thanks for sharing, great post like always!

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I’d think they’d do BOS-ORD-MSP-ORD-BOS all the way down and back.

At least, that’s the way Alaska does it.

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Some of these routes look fun to fly in IF!
-New York to Orlando to Sarasota
-Long Beach to Palm Springs to New York
-Boston to Seattle to Portland

Awesome info!

All right, I see. Thanks!

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