JetBlue Axes Spirit Airlines Merger

Yesterday, American hybrid carrier JetBlue announced the end of their attempt to merge with Spirit Airlines, due to unlikely meeting of deadline and regulatory approval by July 2024.

This comes after the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) sued the airline in fear of it becoming a monopoly.

This honestly doesn’t surprise me. It’s hard to get around the DoJ, and JetBlue probably realized it wasn’t worth fighting.


why tho i like jetblue but like why?

What 🤨

If you are scared jetblue will be gone, this means that jetBlue will NOT be gone. If you are scared the merger won’t go through, the reason is stated

i know but i wish that they wont merge you know?

Fortunately, the deal fell through, meaning Spirit Airlines and JetBlue will stay unchanged.

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Thank god… competition is a good thing.

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They still might pursue a partnership with American who have a much better standing with the DoJ. JetBlue are losing money so they need a deal like this and I personally think the Spirit merger wouldn’t have been as profitable for JetBlue as the American deal might be.

This might not be good, spirit is already facing issues this could lead to bankruptcy of spirit.

dang that’s messed up bro

poor spirit ill miss them

Would be interesting to see if Allegiant tries to merge with them

I personally think this was a good decision. We used to have so many different airlines in the 80s and 90s but since then so many have either merged or ceased operations that the industry is becoming monopolized