JetBlue Announces Second European Destination

JetBlue Announces Second European Destination - Paris

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JetBlue will expand next year with a new destination in Europe. The airline will begin service from New York JFK and Boston to Paris this summer. The airline will operate the Airbus A321LR, the plane used for the majority of flights to London Heathrow and Gatwick this year.

JetBlue had teased flights to France earlier this year, but there was plenty of speculation about Dublin or somewhere in Scotland as well. Overall, the airline decided the Paris was its best bet, and the airline will fly to Charles De Gualle Airport.

JetBlue plans to offer free wifi, the most legroom, and their newest mint product on the route.

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Already booked my ticket lmao


Makes sense - their London route has been extremely successful.


It still feels kind of cursed seeing JetBlue in Europe. But I’m glad the airline is expanding

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Common JetBlue W


Very common indeed. Only JetBlue L I’ve ever seen is when they made Bermuda a seasonal market from jfk and bos. Now I’m stuck on AA


Speaking of this new route, congratulations to JetBlue for building their reach and how do travellers manage the cramp interior of a narrow body aircraft and since the A321LR (Low Range) is shorter than the B757, it is less comfortable to passengers.

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I’ve heard no complaints about their cabin on those transatlantic flights. Yes it seems different but the reality is that airlines cram people on to widebodies too. JetBlue has probably the best seats of any US airline so I think you’d be surprised at how flying on the 321 would be.

It’s simple, tons of legroom, more than the big 3 and free WiFi

But, goofy ahh free Mcdonald’s Wifi. I preferred paid WiFi than free Wifi since you can limit how many people can use the WiFi and it will not make the bandwidth slow.

JetBlue Wi-Fi is very fast and to add on to that your not really on your devices a lot because they have tons of IFE for you

Yeah its still a bit weird seeing JetBlue in Europe, whenever I go plane spotting at London Heathrow and see JetBlue there I find it a bit funny seeing it in London and also shocked how a a321neo can fly that long

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In all fairness, the length means very little. Unless you actually look, you can’t see behind you anyway and realistically you can only see a couple rows ahead unless actually reaching you head up (or unless you’re tall, in all fairness.)

The A321LR (LONG Range) is built with far newer tech than the 757 with better pressure regulation and cleaner air systems. If anything, it should be far more comfortable - especially over long range.

That’s the same logic as saying a bus is more comfortable than a car, just because it’s larger.

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I flew on their flight from JFK to Heathrow, and I can tell you that it felt no different than a widebody. The legroom is much better than any other US carrier on all aircraft (I flew Mint Business, but I’ve flown their economy a bunch), free WiFi that is actually faster than most paid versions, and amazing food. Their Ziti was incredible. (I also had a bunch of other dishes that were great as well). The A321LR feels a bit wider than the 321CEO (maybe it’s just the Airbus new interior), but I could have gone much longer on that plane. I don’t see the benefit of a widebody, since the reality is they still cram a bunch of seats on, just in a longer tube.

Btw, I just read Geneva might be the next after Paris, as JetBlue is looking for a station manager at GVA at the moment, presumably to connect it with JFK since only LX serves that route between two politically and economically important and closely-linked cities.

Source (German): Personal für Schweiz gesucht: Macht auch Jetblue Swiss in Genf Konkurrenz? - aeroTELEGRAPH

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