JetBlue Announces New Boston Red Sox Livery


JetBlue Announces New Boston Red Sox Livery

JetBlue has just repainted on of their most beloved liveries on their planes. The special Boston Red Sox livery. Registered N605JB, it was repained in Jacksonville, FL from March 18-March 31. The plane is named “blue monster,” as a knockoff the the green monster at Fenway Park in Boston. JetBlue has a partnership with the Boston Red Sox and has a special livery for them along with the Bruins, Jets, Nets, and Celtics.

This was the previous livery:


And here is the new livery:


They probably changed it because the A220 TCA livery looked too similar xD

That looks really good!

I like the new livery better than the old one. The old livery was kind of bland.

I saw this one in Austin a few weeks ago.

Looks pretty nice, but I like the old one much better.

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