JetBlue and Interjet Agreement!

JetBlue and Interjet find an Agreement! icons8-agreement-64

The both low-cost airlines are now able to sell tickets from each other route maps!

Interjets Win:

This will give Interjet more possibilities to the Caribbean as they are focus in really on USA and International routes as that Interjets strong point.


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JetBlue Win:

JetBlue win is not on the international route map of Interjet. As Interjet offers 32 destinations in Mexico JetBlue is taking this opportunity to remain in the Mexican market.


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From my point of view this is a win-win, because each airline is taking advantage of each other strong points or weak point and trying to use all the codeshares they can. What do you think about this leave a comment down below 👇?


Wait- JetBlue is a low-cost airline?

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Some routes are extremely cheap some arent 🤷‍♂️

Yes, it’s classified as a low-cost airline but it’s more on the expensive side considering it offers premium service with JetBlue Mint.

I don’t think this is a codeshare, just a bilateral interline agreement. Interjet placed JetBlue under the interline section of their website while codeshare partners like American and Iberia are placed at the top.

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Yeah you’re right @Ishrion, but codeshares are other airlines providing the same route with another airline. Since you can book it through their Website it’s kinda classified as an codeshare/agreement 🙂

Not exactly. Codeshares are a higher level of partnership. Bilteral interline agreements are the most basic level of partnership.

Interline is simply where you can book another airline’s ticket on a different airline’s website. There isn’t anything to it other than promoting another airline’s ticket sales. It allows passengers to have one ticket purchase and multiple airlines handle the itinerary and baggage.

Codeshare is where two or more airlines use their own flight number on another airline’s flight. As an example, British Airways flies from Austin to London Heathrow as BA191. However, AA has placed its code on British Airways flight, making it an American Airlines flight operated by British Airways’ aircraft.

Yea totally correct.

Here’s something I found if people are a little confused:

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