JetBlue and Heavies @ KLAX

Here I go spotting again

This was part of my Halloween Spotting session
Halloween Planespotting @ KLAX


Camera: Sony RX10
Location: Clutter’s Park
Duration: A long time
Date: October 31, 2020

Okay let’s start

starting with smol united 787

a JAL 777


Following that we have Air China

cargo a330 from seoul

queen asiana to san fran

another jet blue

qantas a380

the name is blue, jetblue

finally, Queen Cathay

Hope you enjoyed


Love that livery❤


I really like the first UA one. All photos are awesome!

Is it just me or does it seem like the Hawaiian A333 just broke down in the middle of a taxiway because of the camera angle?


Now that you said that it does lol

Thanks both of you!


Great shots! I especially love that Air China picture, what a great livery.


Those pics are amazing!

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Great photos, I love the United 787

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A330s sit weird like that gross imo 😂

Great pics @Rolls!

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Cool pictures! Too bad JB left Long Beach. That airport was practically supported by that airline
The city’s going to regret their decision

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Therapist: Boeing 786 isn’t real, he can’t hurt you.
Boeing 786:

Great pictures ;)

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Great pictures!! @MAC1

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Ik Right! Like The PIcs

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