JetBlue Airways Stripes A320-200

JetBlue is a popular real world airline as well as a popular airline in Infinite Flight. JetBlue has always been medium you can call it but when It comes to destinations and planes JetBlue has been getting bigger and more people want to fly with them. Thus, JetBlue also is expanding to open a new separate terminal at MCO soon so they can expand their traffic here.

Thus my proposal is to add the JetBlue A320 Stripes Livery. JetBlue operates a couple of these fine looking liveries and I guarantee you will agree with how nice this livery stands out! The stripes livery has been one of the first 3 liveries in the JetBlue lifespan. After only being made in 2000, it sure has made a long way and stayed a long time with us. Also, let me clarify to you right now we only have three JetBlue liveries and one for each of the aircraft they operate in the game. I think with the addition of the A320 Stripes livery more JetBlue fans will be very happy about this livery coming into the simulator. It may not be your favorite but you have to love this beautiful peace of art.


Little Bit of background on JetBlue A320-200 aircraft:

Number of aircraft: 130
Restyling begins: 2017
Restyling completes: 2019
Seats: 162
Number of rows 27
Even More Space rows: 7
Cabin height: 7’ 1"
Bathrooms: 3 (One in front, two in rear of cabin)
Length: 123’ 3"
Wingspan: 111’ 10"
Range: 2,700 nautical miles
Engines: 2 (IAE V2527-A5)


Hope you like the livery, and hope to earn your vote ;)…

Jet blue has so many different tail designs so it would be hard to vote for one out of a whole bunch.I like the livery tho