JetBlue Airways Airbus A321-231 N903JB "Bigger, Brighter, Bluer".

This aircraft first flew on September 18 2013 with the serial number 5783, test registration D-AVZA, and powered by 2xInternational Aero Engines IAE V2533-A5.
It was delivered on October 24 of the same year to JetBlue with the registration N903JB. It was named “Bigger, Brighter, Bluer” by the airline.



I love the plane stories that you do @Sturmovik


I’m digging the tail design. But I hate when maintenance puts mix match cowlings on (#1 engine).


Its that or having angry passengers screaming to get their money back.

Thanks! Stay tuned, more are sure to come. But one per day, or else I´ll get an advice of not uploading like 10 times a day.

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Do you mind if i start doing some they are some aorcrafts very interesting…

Sure, no problem.

I took a picture of it on a jet bridge before.

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Hey mate is it ok if I can start doing some (I am asking permission first so I don’t get slammed for copying what you do)

Do what you want.