jetBlue Airbus A320 - Vacations

Hey IFC!

I searched and found nothing so I decided i’d make this topic! The simulator IMO is lacking many jetBlue liveries, and I would love to see this one added someday in the future! I’m also surprised that this has not yet been suggested.


N623JB jetBlue vacations A320-232 at KCLE | jetBlue vacation… | Flickr

Registration: N623JB

More about jetBlue!

You have my vote for this!


Yes, new liveries for the 320 of JetBlue are needed. The Blueberries are just so dated.

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Thanks for your support!

Very nice livery - but I have more votes.🙂🛫🛫🙂

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I spotted 623 in Long Beach last month! I like how the tail stands out with the colors!


I could not agree with you more. The tail has got an interesting deisgn with a lot of the aspects of vacation! Also great photo XD

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This is one of the newer liveries that are so unique! I hope it can be added soon to the sim!

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Bump for good looks!